Responsibly in accordance with 6 TDG and in substance more responsible in accordance with § 10 chapter 3 MDStV:

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1. Contents of the Online offer
The authors receive no guarantee at all for the relevance, correctness, totality or quality of the allocated information.
Liability claims against the authors, that have references to damages of material or ideal type which basically excluded became are by the utilization or not utilization of the offered information and/or through the utilization of defective and incomplete information caused, as far as on the part of the authors no demonstrable intentional or coarsely careless get into debt exists.
All offers are subject to change and non-binding.
It reserves itself the authors specifically to change, to supplement, to delete parts of the sides or the total offer without separate announcement or to adjust the publication occasionally or finally.

2. Redirections and linkages
As far as on reprimand goal directly or indirectly reprimanded becomes, that outside of the responsibility area of the authors lie, fastened this only then if he has by the contents knowledge and it would be it technically possible and reasonable to prevent the utilization in the trap of illegal contents. For contents going out about that and especially for damages, that develop from the utilization or not utilization of of this sort offered information, alone the bidder of the side on which reprimanded became did not fasten, that that refers over link to the respective publication solely.
This restriction applies likewise also to strange entries in guests books established by the authors, forums and Mailinglisten.

3. The copyright
The authors are endeavored to note in all publications the copyrights of the related graphics, sound documents, video sequence and texts, to use of it even generated graphics, sound documents, video sequence and texts or to f all back on license free graphics, sound document, video sequence and text.
The Copyright for published, remains even generated objects of the authors alone at the respective authors of the sides. A duplication or use of such graphics, sound documents, video sequence and texts in other electronic or printed publications is not allowed without specific approval of the authors.

4. Right effectiveness of this liability exclusion
This liability sow end is to be regarded as a part of the internet offer, referred became from that to this side. As far as parts not not completely should correspond or single formulations of this text of the valid legal status, no longer or, the remaining parts of the document in its contents and its validity remain therefrom untouched.

Solingen, July 8th 2020