About Me

I have more then 30 years experience in all kind of washings and Denim treatments and how to organize it efficient. I built up several laundries in different countries and made them run profitable. Beyond that I establish, develop, re-organize laundries as well as departments of laundries, including Quality Control Sytems.

I do not look only into the procedures and systems but of course I support the employees as well. They need to understand and accept the extensions to make it run in the correct way. For that purpose I give also trainings and practices on the floor, in the laundry and teach the Theorie behind it in an easy and understanding way.

Since 2018 I am involved in a project for Company Interloop Ltd. Lahore Pakistan. Their goal is to produce after a few years around 60.000 Jeans per day in a sustainable way. My task is to build up the laundry without using stones and hand-scraping. Instead of this to use nebulization Systems for stonewash effects and Laser for hand-scraping. If still necessary to spray Jeans after Laser to obtain nice and clean look, use pp-replacemnets Instead of Potassiumpermanganate.

After making lots of trials in the development area from Interloop, with different auxiliaries from several Chemical suppliers on different fabrics, we found very good solutions for bulk production. End of 2018 Interloop started bulk with 5.000 to 10.000pcs a day. From that day on I was responsible to transfer the good results from sample stage to bulk. Summer 2019 Interloop already at 20.000 Jeans per day: NO STONES, NO HAND-SCRAPING, NO PP-SPRAY!!

Some results of last years tasks

Laundry Improvement Period
Hamburg, Germany Implementation of a bonus system together with staff association and labour union. 7 months
Silesia, Poland Reduce Labour cost, change conditions of worker contracts, reduce reworks, change recipes non-profit to 28% profit 11 months
Vrancea, Romania Establish a Development department, organize equipment, chose and train staff 4 months
Guatemala City, Guatemala Finding solutions for using wet- and dry-Ozone in Garment Wet Processing. 9 weeks
Transilvania, Romania Shorten transfer-time from samples into bulk, cut cost for water and energy 5 months
Cup Bon, Tunesia Decrease chemical cost from 13% down to 9% 4 months
Bukarest, Romania Assure measures during bleaching of Lycra-denims 6 weeks
Heshan, China Establish quality control and reporting system 3 months
Focsani, Romania Build up laundry for fashion jeans with daily capacity of 20.000 denim and 10.000 non denim 12 months
Corlu, Turkey Provide technical consultancy services in relation to the activities of product finishing development center 4 months
Lahore, Pakistan Improving the productivity in scraping department with 65% 5 months
Lahore, Pakistan Establish technology, procedure and equipment in bulk to apply Resin on rigid garments coincidental assure dimensional accuracy 6 months
Bangkok, Thailand Double the outcome of bulk production 4 months
Kardzhali, Bulgaria Build up team for scraping, pp-spray and all kind of resin/3-D; establish quality control and reporting system; optimize lay-out and run-through of production space 9 month

For further informations feel free to contact me:
ischmidt (at) jeanswash.de
or on cell phone 00 49 173 431 41 21